We strive to keep abreast of changes in the law as well as the business world to meet the requirements of our clients. The legal services we offer are thus based on a concept supported by the following principles:


It is our mission to provide our clients with a service which is individually tailored to their requirements and, at the same time, geared towards effective solutions. Expertise, the basic condition for realizing this goal, is meant to be understood as a combination of solid training, experience and efficiency. The areas of expertise of our lawyers are complementing. This enables us to provide comprehensive expert advice.

To satisfy our own as well as our clients' needs we are constantly investing in and developing our knowledge with regards to our core competences. We are therefore actively and systematically new legal as well as economical and technical developments having an impact on our legal practise.


We aim to lead our clients towards their goals with utmost efficiency. We thereby consider our legal advice as a service which helps our clients reach their economical and entrepreneurial goals. Our clients should be able to take actions based on our judgments, and we therefore do not hesitate to make a proper risk assessment or to give clear statements. It is important to us that our clients do get added-value through our focused and pragmatic approach. The members of our team have gained large and in depth knowledge throughout all industries. This enables us to support our clients with a comprehensive approach.


Straight-forward communication between lawyer and client provides the basis for successful legal advice. Mistakes and misunderstandings often result from insufficient communication and therefore insufficient evaluation of the actual facts, circumstances and requirements of the matter at hand. Transparency and an ongoing open exchange of information are essential for an effective, efficient and solution oriented collaboration between client and counsel. We achieve this through personal discussions, close internal and external coordination and flexible availability.


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