Banking and finance

We counsel domestic and foreign banks, securities dealers, asset managers as well as funds and other forms of collective investment schemes on regulatory issues such as licensing, supervision and compliance. Further, we advise financial service providers and their clients on civil law aspects.

Our services in this field particularly include:

  • Consulting and legal representation for domestic and foreign banks, securities dealers and collective investment schemes with regard to regulatory issues vis-à-vis the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, for instance for obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals
  • Consulting services regarding the structuring of domestic and foreign collective investment schemes of investment companies (incl. Hedge Funds)
  • Consulting services on all civil law issues concerning day-to-day banking practice including asset management
  • Legal representation for financial institutions or their clients in court, arbitration or administrative proceedings
  • Consulting services for financial institutions or their clients on issues concerning international judicial assistance

Contact Persons

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