Corporate and commercial law

All lawyers at Gloor & Sieger are experienced both in domestic and international corporate and commercial law, with individual members of our team specializing in specific types of commercial contracts and specific aspects of corporate law. We have many years’ experience and sound knowledge in both the Swiss and the international environments. Our problem-solving approach addresses legal aspects beyond the narrow scope of private law, such as tax and competition law. In the course of our practice we have gained large knowledge in commercial matters within various industries, which is taken into consideration when drafting contracts.

At Gloor & Sieger, we offer the following services, both as legal consultants and as representatives of clients in court and in arbitration proceedings, as well as vis-à-vis administrative authorities:

  • Corporate law
    • Formation of all types of companies
    • Legal advice on increase and reduction of capital stock
    • Preparation of general meetings of listed and non-listed companies as well as board meetings
    • Corporate Housekeeping
    • Representation of shareholder and creditor interests vis-à-vis companies or their bodies
    • Legal advice to company bodies
    • Legal advice on companies' successions
    • Legal advice on the liability of corporate board members
    • Transfer of registered offices from foreign countries to Switzerland or from Switzerland to foreign countries
    • Legal advice on the law of corporate names
    • Reorganization, restructuring and liquidation of companies
  • Commercial law
    • Legal advice, negotiation and drafting for all types of commercial contracts, including sale agreements, mandate agreements, license and distributorship agreements, delivery agreements, employment agreements, agency agreements, technology transfer agreements, as well as contracts on information technology in general, work and service agreements, contracts with general contractors and other contracts in the field of the construction business, rental, tenancy and lease contracts, hotel management contracts, franchise agreements, sponsoring agreements.
    • Legal advice on and drafting of general terms and conditions, as well as standard contracts tailored to meet clients’ needs
    • Elaboration of shareholders' agreements and investment contracts as well as financing agreements

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