Our litigation practice focuses primarily on commercial litigation and international arbitration proceedings, particularly in the areas of commercial and corporate law, banking and finance, intellectual property law and information technology and computer law, labor law, rental and inheritance law as well as privat and public real estate law. We also represent clients in cross-border civil proceedings and proceedings concerning the recognition and enforcement in Switzerland of foreign court decisions and arbitral awards, as well as in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of services involving international legal assistance in criminal, civil and administrative proceedings as well as in connection with white collar crime.

Our services in this field particularly include:

  • Representation in all corporate and civil proceedings before the cantonal courts of Switzerland and before the Swiss Supreme Court
  • Representation as counsel in arbitration proceedings, as well as service as arbitrator (e.g. in ad hoc, ICC and Swiss Rules proceedings)
  • Representation in attachment, enforcement, bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings
  • Representation in international legal assistance proceedings
  • Representation in proceedings involving white collar crime
  • Mediation in economic disputes

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